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Can Jeep Gladiators be lifted?

Lifted Jeep Gladiators near Edmonton AB

Jeep Wranglers are a wonderful candidate for lifting, and we’ve been known to lift a few at Stony Plain Chrysler, but if you are looking for the ultimate off-road truck, then the all-new Jeep Gladiator should pique your interest. We can lift your Jeep Gladiator and we even have lifted Jeep Gladiators near Edmonton, AB. Whether you just want beefier 33-inch tires or a full upgrade to 37-inch tires with a 2-inch lift, our team can help.

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What are the advantages of a lift?

Getting a lift on a truck is often a right of passage in many off-roading communities.

Not only does it give you a desirable look, but it also gives you more ground clearance which can also allow you to fit some tires that will improve your off-road ability.

How much can the Jeep Gladiator tow?

How much larger can your tires be with a lift?

Generally, you can take your suspension lift amount, double it, and add that to your overall tire size. For example, if your truck was rocking 33-inch tires and you gave the truck a 2-inch lift, you can add double that to your tire size so now you are at 37-inch tires.

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However, it is not nearly as simple as that. This is why you should rely on experts to size everything appropriately. Your wheel wells, bodywork, suspension geometry and more can all limit the max tire size when you are trying to add to your lift.

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How much does a lift increase ground clearance?

This is not a simple formula. Your max ground clearance will depend on your lift and your tire size. You can add the lift size plus half the increase in your tire size. In other words, if you had a 2-inch lift, and went from 33-inch tires to 37-inch tires, you added 4 inches to your ground clearance. However, if you could only manage 35-inch tires, then you added 3 inches to your ground clearance. The equation behind that is 2 + (35-33)/2.

It’s worth noting that the running gear for each wheel is only going to be raised by half your tire size. Lifting the suspension doesn’t raise that with it unless you have portal axles which is a whole other expense and is usually more costly than it is worth.