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Features of the Dodge Grand Caravan DVD Entertainment System

Are you planning out a road trip? Do you need to keep your passengers entertained for a long period of time? The Dodge Grand Caravan will be the perfect vehicle for this trip because of how much space it offers and because of the DVD entertainment system. What are the features of the Dodge Grand Caravan DVD Entertainment system? Keep reading to learn more!

DVD Entertainment System Features

Taking a road trip is very different these days compared to ten to fifteen years ago because of the upgrades made to the entertainment features over the years. The DVD Entertainment System in the Dodge Grand Caravan is an incredible upgrade featuring a second row overhead DVD player, a remote control, two wireless headsets, and a nine-inch overhead screen. This entertainment system will surely keep your second and third-row passengers entertained for hours on your long road trip.

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How much space do my passengers have?

The Dodge Grand Caravan provides quite a bit of space for its passengers. The front row passenger volume is 58.4 cubic feet. The second row has a passenger volume of 54.0 cubic feet, and the third row has 51.1 cubic feet. Even though the third row offers to seat three people, there is still quite a bit of room for all three passengers.

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What else should I know about the Dodge Grand Caravan?

Another feature that is important to point out is how much cargo room the Dodge Grand Caravan offers. With all three rows of seat up, there are 31.1 cubic feet of space, but when the third row is down, there are 78.9 cubic feet of space. If you decide to put the second and third row of seats down, you will have 140.3 cubic feet of space at your disposal.

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This is great information, now what?

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