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Now You Can Scan a Jeep Grille on your Smartphone and Shop for a Jeep in Canada

Jeep’s New ‘Jeep Code’ Snapchat Lens turns every Jeep Grille into a scannable barcode.  

Imagine being able to shop for a new Jeep vehicle or get more information about a particular Jeep model by just scanning the front grille of any Jeep that you see. Well, that’s exactly what Canadian Jeep customers will be able to do thanks to a new Snapchat lens launched by Jeep Canada that turns any Jeep grille into a scannable barcode providing a one-stop online shopping resource for customers. Sounds interesting? Read this blog by Stony Plain Chrysler in Stony Plain, AB, to learn more.  

What is Jeep Code?  

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The innovative ‘Jeep Code’ Snapchat lens introduced by the Jeep brand in Canada is a revolutionary way for Canadian Jeep customers and enthusiasts to use their smartphones to turn the iconic seven-slot grille of any Jeep model they see into a scannable barcode that allows them to engage virtually with the Jeep vehicle lineup.   

The Jeep Code works using revolutionary augmented reality (AR) technology to provide more information about the Jeep model you scan using the lens, including its features and starting price. It also links to the homepage so that you can search for your local dealer inventory, build your own Jeep and show your build price, and even let you buy Jeep online.   

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How does Jeep Code Work?  

Once you’ve scanned a Jeep’s grille using the Jeep Code, it uses its AR and machine-learning capability to fetch more information about the Jeep model they have scanned and allows you to browse the inventory at your local Jeep dealership, build and price your favourite model on, and even start the buying process.  

The Jeep Code is a first-of-its-kind feature among any automaker. Jeep seems to be enhancing its shopping experience with this innovative and intuitive technology and streamlining the buyer’s journey, particularly the younger customers fond of the Snapchat app.  

How Can I use the Jeep Code?  

The “Jeep Code” Snapchat lens works like any other Snapchat lens. You open the Snapchat app on your phone, open the Snapchat camera, select the Jeep Code lens, and scan a Jeep’s grille.  

Here’s a short YouTube video posted by Jeep Canada illustrating how Jeep Code works.  

The Jeep Code Snapchat lens is currently available on the Snapchat app on all iPhones and Android smartphones. So, if you are a Jeep customer or enthusiast, do check it out.  

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