front quarter and side view of the 2021 Chrysler 300

Have you ever heard of a 1000-hp “Hellephant” Chrysler 300?

The 2021 Chrysler 300 is indeed a powerful car, and it won’t be wrong if we call it a muscle sedan. The top-of-the-line Chrysler 300Scomes with the mighty 5.7L HEMI® V8 engine that offers the best-in-class V8 engine power and torque figures of 363 hp and 394 lb.-ft. of torque. However, if you think the Chrysler 300S isn’t powerful enough for you, wait until you meet the Hellephant Chrysler 300 made by a Youtuber named Khal SRT. Keep reading this blog post from Stony Plain Chrysler in Stony Plain, AB to know more about this beefed-up 1000-hp Chrysler 300.

The 1000-hp producing Hellephant Chrysler 300 started life as a stock Chrysler 300 until Khal SRT decided to swap the stock engine with the legendary Mopar® Hellephant crate engine.

What is the 1000-hp Hellephant crate engine?

Dodge had unveiled a crazy 1000-hp crate engine nicknamed the “Hellephant” at the 2018 SEMA show. The term Hellephant is a portmanteau derived by combining the words “Hellcat” from Dodge’s Hellcat range of performance muscle cars and “elephant” due to the sheer size of the engine.

The Hellephant is a 7-liter V8 engine boosted by a supercharger that enables it to output an insane 1,000 horsepower and 950 pound-feet of torque. Talk about turbocharged!

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The Hellephant Legacy

The Hellephant saga started way back in the late 1960s with the iconic naturally aspirated 7-liter V8 426 HEMI. This engine was nicknamed the “elephant” for its sheer power and size back in the day, and it powered some of the most iconic muscle cars of yore – the likes of the Dodge Challenger and the Plymouth Barracuda.

The 426 HEMI has been out of production since 1971, but FCA-owned Mopar gave muscle car fans a chance to rejoice by giving the engine a new lease of life in the form of the Hellephant crate engine. Unsurprisingly, the Hellephant crate engine went out of stock in just two days of its availability.

The Hellephant is just too powerful to be used in a modern muscle car with the trend now moving towards smaller displacement engines and hybrid and electric powertrains. But exceptions like the Hellephant-powered Chrysler 300 crop up from time to time.

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