woman looking out the window of a car in the snow

Pre-winter car service in Alberta

Winter car maintenance in Stony Plain AB

Winter always has a habit of sneaking up on us here in Alberta, but don’t let it sneak up on your car. Instead, plan ahead, and schedule your winter car maintenance in Stony Plain, AB. At Stony plain Chrysler, we can provide the most important winter maintenance that you need before the temps start really plummeting and the snow starts to fill the streets.

tech working on a car batteryWhat services should you get done on your car before winter?

One of the most important things to get checked is that battery of yours. More so than any other part of your car, the battery is the most likely to leave you stranded when those temperatures try to strangle the life out of it.

Before winter is also the best time to check all your replaceable items including wiper blades, tires, and even fluids like your oil. If you’re near your oil change mileage or time, then why not get it taken care of ahead of time.

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winter tire in the snow

Advantages to winter tires in snow

When the snow gets thick, you’re going to want a good tire. You can either go with good all-season tires, or you can get even better traction with specially formulated winter tires.

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To make it easy, you can get a fresh set of rims just for your winter tires. This way, swapping tires each season will only take a few minutes. We highly recommend winter tires, but if you want to stick with the tires you already have on your car, then at least make sure you have enough tread to comfortably get you through the season.

How to tell if your tires are unbalanced?

mechanic changing a tire

Does Stony Plain Chrysler have any service specials?

In the month of October, we actually have a great deal on pre-winter service. The big concerns are always batteries and tires. At Stony Plain Chrysler, we currently have batteries starting at just $92.65 and we even have winter tires as low as $87 each.

You can even get a complete winter tire package including rims, installation, and sensors for just $683. What’s more, with any tire package we’ll also provide a complimentary 15-point inspection. For more details, please see the link below.

Stony Plain Chrysler Service Specials