A gorgeous exterior shot of the 2022 Dodge Challenger

Are Ram and Dodge the Same Company?

What is the Difference between Ram and Dodge? 

People who have been following news from the automotive industry closely know the essential difference between Ram and Dodge. However, if you are not too keen on catching the wind of all that goes on in the industry, you may not know that Ram and Dodge share a complicated history. This blog by Stony Plain Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram has some information on the same that may pique your interest. Get a read on it and head to our dealership in Stony Plain, AB, to find your favourite Ram and Dodge models.   

The Dodge Ram Conundrum  

Front view of the 2022 Dodge Challenger
Interior of the 2022 Ram 1500 Built to Serve Canadian Edition

Once upon a time, Dodge’s trucks were known as the Dodge Ram. However, back in 2009, the automaker thought it would be a good idea to spin Ram off into its own brand. With that, a new age ushered in the industry. Ram became synonymous with pickup trucks, while Dodge concentrated solely on rolling out muscle cars and SUVs. Today, the Dodge Ram truck is specifically known as the Ram truck.  

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Why Aren’t Ram Trucks Any Longer Called Dodge Ram?  

Ram and Dodge are essentially the same in terms of technology and dealers. Only the naming convention has changed. Becoming a brand of their own has given Ram and Dodge the liberty to target specific demographics and do exceedingly well in their own niches. People interested particularly in pickup trucks shall think of Ram first. And those with a penchant for muscle cars and chic SUVs can go for Dodge.  

Does Dodge Own Ram?  

Dodge no longer owns Ram. Dodge, Ram, and several other parallel brands fall under the Stellantis group. Therefore, even though the vehicles have the same core technology, they are not manufactured in the same factory.   

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