2019 RAM Heavy Duty black side view

New body style for the 2019 RAM Heavy Duty trucks

What does the new 2019 RAM Heavy Duty look like?

There’s a new RAM Heavy Duty coming very soon, and with it comes a new look that you are going to love. What does the new 2019 RAM Heavy Duty look like? We can show you. See the 2019 RAM Heavy Duty from every angle here.

New stylings of the RAM Heavy Duty lineup for 2019

The RAM Heavy Duty is available with six different grille styles in all. All of them are stylish, bold, and mean in their own ways. They also build from the fantastic offerings already made by the 2019 RAM 1500. Of course, the 2019 RAM Heavy Duty is still offered with a Mega Cab, a Crew Cab, and a Regular cab, as well as dually options on the RAM 3500.

2019 RAM Heavy Duty dark grille close up

2019 RAM Heavy Duty chrome dark grille close up

2019 RAM Heavy Duty chrome grille close up

2019 RAM Heavy Duty red side view in a wind tunnelThe front bumper now also has larger openings. Though it is stylish in its own right, that opening serves the purpose of force-feeding more air into the RAM intercooler. There is also a removable air dam.

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In all, this is the most aerodynamic Heavy Duty truck that RAM has ever offered. RAM Heavy Duty trucks come with a drag coefficient as low as .409. Believe it or not, there are some performance cars that are around that number.

Colour options for the 2019 RAM 1500

2019 RAM Power Wagon blue front viewLooks of the new Power Wagon

The Power Wagon is an icon that first hit the market back in 1945. Though they did cease production of Power Wagon branded models in 1980, they made a big return in 2005 and they have stuck around ever since.

The last major update to the Power Wagon was in 2014, but the 2019 model looks better than ever.

You still have the same grille from the 2018 model, but with the refined headlights, it does much more to accentuate the bold look while remaining modern and engaging. You can still expect to find the Power Wagon badging and decaling throughout this impressive truck.

2019 RAM 3500 Heavy Duty gray side view duallyWeight improvements to the 2019 RAM Heavy Duty

Not only has the style been refined, but many of the body elements on the RAM Heavy Duty have been upgraded to high-strength steel. By doing this, other elements of the truck could be safely lightened including the hood which is now made of aluminum. In all, the RAM Heavy Duty trucks were actually able to shave 143 pounds.

What else is new for the 2019 RAM Heavy Duty?