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What are the features of CDJR adaptive cruise control?

How does CDJR adaptive cruise control work?

The entire Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and RAM lineup is experiencing greater and greater proliferation of a relatively new feature called adaptive cruise control. You can even find this new feature on the 2019 RAM 1500 as well as its all-new Heavy Duty brothers. How does CDJR adaptive cruise control work? We can show you.

RAM truck with visualized radar detecting trafficWhat is adaptive cruise control?

You’ve all heard of and likely rely on cruise control even for day-to-day driving. Adaptive cruise control is the next evolution of that. Cruise control lets you maintain a set speed, which makes highway driving bearable, but it always gets annoying when you hit traffic that refuses to match your speed or even match a specific speed. That’s where adaptive cruise control comes in.

Using radar, your cruise control can actually adapt, on the fly to traffic. This means when you hit slow traffic, your car will slow automatically. When the traffic either speeds up or gets out of your way, your car will speed back up to your set speed.

Can you increase and decrease follow distance?

A CDJR vehicle equipped with adaptive cruise control also allows you to set your desired following distance. There will be two buttons located on your steering wheel near your cruise control buttons. These two new buttons allow you to either increase or decrease your following distance. Use them to get into your comfort zone or to adjust for road and weather conditions.

2019 Dodge Challenger adaptive cruise control set gauge clusterWhat happens if the car in front stops with adaptive cruise control?

Your car maintains its set following distance even if the car in front of you reduces its speed down to zero. That means your car will come to a complete stop when adaptive cruise control is engaged in this situation. If the front car starts moving again within 2 seconds, your car will start moving again too without any intervention.

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If the vehicle ahead stops for longer than 2 seconds, you will have to speed back up manually and engage the system again. Remember, adaptive cruise control is no substitute for attentive driving. Make sure you pay attention. Ultimately, you are responsible for safely arriving at your destination.

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